New Year Coronal Hole Stream

Things are calm at the moment but they’re about to heat up. The next incoming coronal hole is now facing earth. The earth’s magnetic shield is still a bit unstable as it tries to shed the added energy from the coronal hole that struck us last Wednesday, December 21, 2016.

The incoming coronal hole is an extension of the positive pole of the sun. We should begin seeing this affecting the magnetosphere on the 30th and depending where you are in the Northern or Southern Hemispheres, may see some aurora beginning late on the 30th but for sure on the 31st.

NOAA predicts that we will receive the aurora on the 30th.

On a side note, there is an interesting post that was made at space where a reader posted an interesting report about the progression of this particular coronal hole. He has it recorded six months back although these coronal holes are always there, they just haven’t been this large and spread open. Here is a graph that a man named Stuart Green made which shows the growth of the coronal hole and it’s almost clockwork effects on the magnetosphere. I recommend you stop by and read it. Fascinating.

Eyes in the skies this New Year’s Eve!


Happy “birthday” Sol! 

As the earth was experiencing the last of the longest days of winter, the sun blew what may have been the last coronal hole kiss of the year. After having missed other nights of aurora due to cloud cover or life’s responsibilities, I finally got some time to see my favorite natural event. There was nothing exceptional about this coronal hole stream. It came from the positive coronal hole and mostly made for unstable conditions to the magnetic field for a couple of days. 

Now, as we head toward summer solstice I wanted to send my best wishes to anyone who reads this and to wish the sun a happy, now belated, birthday.