I’m Back!

Summer vacation is here and I’ve had some time to think about how I will continue this blog. Although my greatest interest is the sun and it’s effects to earth and just the imagination of how everything works together in nature, my second greatest interest is photography and the constant challenge of outdoing myself in getting the ultimate shot.


My family and I just returned back from a mini vacation to Cyprus. It was a nice place to get some sun and have some fun with the kids but my acclimation to the arctic is never a great combination to hundred degree (F) weather. I never sweat so much. I did get a couple of nice photos but I’ll catch myself up and those who read this with the photos I’ve been taking before our trip. This will catch you up as well as give me something else to do while I’m on vacation in-between housework, yard work, playing with the kids and doing things with them and fishing. If it gets warm enough, we might even get to swim but that depends on the water temperature.


Enjoy. _MG_8247

We were lucky this summer to have a family of woodpeckers that took resident in one of our trees. This is a Great Spotted Woodpecker (dendrocopos major). They are still here and have had a male chick who still has a lot of his chick down and is a sloppy flier. Both parent woodpeckers have been feeding him and he also feeds himself. I’ve attempted to photograph him closer but they are very protective of him and give him the signal to get away as I approach with my camera. Hopefully one of these days, he will let me get him on record.

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