A mini vacation to Cyprus did a body well.

Long winter months without sunlight either due to earths rotation on the axis or the sky covered in clouds, sometimes it’s necessary to escape to a place where sunshine is guaranteed.

We took a week trip to Cyprus and got that. Swimming in pools and the Mediterranean was good for the soul. It was quiet the shock to the body since I’m acclimated to arctic temperatures so I sweat like a maniac and by the end of the week, I was more than ready to come back to the cooler temps.

We stayed in the tourist city of Ayianapa where there is a water park, boat rides, parasailing, water bikes, souvenir shops, pubs, clubs and restaurants of various cuisines. I wouldn’t recommend taking young kids into the souvenir shops as there are questionable types of souvenirs more appropriate for older teens and adults but the overall vibe was enjoyable.

The night sky was somewhat clear given the light pollution of the city. Both Jupiter and Saturn were clearly visible along with a crescent moon.

This photograph was taken below our hotel where locals and tourists alike took turns jumping off into the water. I didn’t feel the need to test myself nor the desire to climb up and down those sharp cliffs (old age) but I did enjoy watching those people do it.

Ayianapa, Cyprus


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