The Mantis

On my last full day in Cyprus I came across this deadly creature. ;-D

A Praying Mantis out on a stroll over some ice plant. If you’ve never played around with or seen a praying mantis growing up, they’re very harmless. They’re a great asset in a garden because they love eating insects that eat your vegetables. They seem to be highly intelligent for an insect because they can turn their heads and they look at you. This one in particular was moving back and forth as if the wind was moving it. When I approached she stopped and turned her head at me and her two little eyes moved toward me. It’s kind of a creepy feeling because they look so wicked.

I disturbed her just long enough to snap a couple of pictures of her and then I left. Always cool to see one of these, especially one as big as she was.

European Mantis/ Mantis Religiosa, Ayianapa, Cyprus


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