Soccer Elite

One of my daughters is on a soccer team and they recently had their last game of the season. Usually, I don’t appreciate soccer mostly due to the professional playing tactic of faking injuries really gets my blood boiling that those kind of false flags aren’t punished and are tolerated. That leaves the realm of sportsmanship and enters politics in my opinion. However, at the root of the sport and where money and fame aren’t a main driver, where playing for the fun and competition are the focus, I begin to appreciate the actual game. So far and without much research I can say that young kids playing the game is actually fun to watch. At least when they get hurt, they shed a tear or two and actually hop off the field and sit the rest of the game out. It’s also nice to see that whether they win or lose the game ends with mostly smiles and the satisfaction that they had fun.

In this photo, one of the team mates on my daughter’s team is giving it all she’s got with an impressive roundhouse/axe kick. It’s one of my favorite soccer photos that I’ve taken. 100% commitment. _MG_9409

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