Wedding shoot

Here are a few of the wedding pictures that I took. It was a nice wedding and it was a great honor that they chose me to shoot it.

Every wedding must have the traditional pose. They’re forever a great memory and great for sending to family and friends.

I was lucky enough to push myself in the green room for the ladies as they had their makeup and hair done. I never got to do that before and it was much nicer than what we dudes do prior to a wedding. The makeup artist and hair dresser did a great job but they didn’t have to work very hard to get a good result.

The most difficult and frustrating part about wedding shoots is low lighting. I refuse to use a flash indoors because it’s so disturbing and casts so many hard shadows. But I was lucky to squeeze out quite a few clear shots. As the wedding began to come to a conclusion, the sun began to burn through the clouds and the inside of the church lit up. It was great timing.

Fun shots are also needed. I know these two and I know they are funny people. We needed at least one pose that highlighted their sense of humor as well as hinted to their roots. I added some effects to age the photo just to help get that feeling.

Best man and the bridesmaids.

Leading her love into the sacred forest.

Here’s another shot I manipulated. There was nothing wrong with the original but this gave the photo more earth tones and looks nicer with some decorations and frames. Of course they received the non-manipulated versions as well.

And lastly, I was getting the creative itch and wanted to break away from editing so I pulled one of my aurora pictures and superimposed them into the shot. Then I added some other effects in order to get some spooky, gothic feel to it. This picture reminds me of the Cure in the 80’s or the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. ;-D

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