While I was away

I’ve been away from posting yet again. I just can’t seem to sit down long enough and think about what to write. So today, after many weeks of contemplating on a change of this blog’s layout, I finally found one I liked. I have wanted this to focus on my pictures but I also wanted the option to blog. The last layout I had wasn’t very user friendly and I wanted something a little less problematic. SO, I again changed it. It’s always a hassle to change the layout, at least for me. This one seems to be better.

I’ve been busy taking a lot of pictures. I will be posting new photos as usual and mentioning where they’ve been posted.

Today, I put up a few pictures under the Nature tab. To the few who follow, Thanks and just an update. I will be posting more of what I put up on Instagram and this blog will be the place to read more about the pictures.

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