The mirror of reality

I decided to blog this because I expect it to be long. This is an opinion piece and my references and sourcing will be excluded since censorship and the ability to think or speak as one wishes has now become intolerable or deemed as violent or promotional to terrorism if not under the strict ideological concepts validated by a tyrannical group of sociopaths and greedy, power hungry elitists. I assume some will know where I’m getting my information and references to how I’ve interpreted the events taking place. Unfortunately, this platform is also controlled by these people and why I will be vague about how I came to the understandings I’ve come to. This is meant to plant the seeds and open up new understandings in everyone who reads this. Maybe it will spark some flames of realization to you as we see what unfolds in the coming years. Also, I’m not a writer so forgive the poor grammar choices, sentence structure and things like that. If you don’t use it, you lose it and I haven’t used it more than social media commenting, which is limited.

We have just experienced four years of weirdness but the coming four years will be even weirder. In four years we’ve witnessed the end of wars, a financial boom followed by a manmade, forced shutdown of that boom. We’ve seen a lot of changes happening around the world. We’ve seen the revelation of a world threat once embraced and allowed to consume the world. We’ve seen extreme criminal and childish behavior by our leaders and government agencies. We’ve seen terrible enterprises being exposed and dismantled. We’ve seen financial entities shift in many directions. We’ve watched as the media lost all objectivity and legitimacy as they attacked someone every day for four years while omitting things that truly matter to the people. We’ve seen the same take place in our entertainment. Every place/person that holds any influence was activated to push an ideology and demonize the opposition in whatever form that it could take. In response we witnessed a counter cultural movement defend from these attacks. And we witnessed this counter culture create a means of spreading information and overriding the media and those who once controlled what the public should know. It was a period in time of excitement, fear, insecurity, fearlessness, rebellion, martyrdom, selfishness, selflessness, corruption, goodness, dishonesty and honesty. It was a war of minds.

In this war, we formed a centralized base that rooted itself throughout social media and isolated itself underground away from the hands of manipulation. It began on one platform, moved to another and finalized itself on a safe platform where no one could touch it. We were given leads to topics and free to theorize the most outlandish ideas with the freedom of doing so anonymously. We learned about future events that will come to fruition long after they were shared. Not knowing or understanding the timing of this nor how it was to be played out, we expected a four year window to see what we expected to take place. It didn’t happen and many of us (even all of us but many are too proud to say they got punched in the stomach) were left wondering what happened and that led us to question things and dig introspectively. Luckily for me and I am assuming for many others, it’s unquestionable to dismiss what we’ve learned, how we’ve seen things play out and also knowing the person, we gave our last basket of hope to, would never let us down especially knowing what awaits him and his family if there was nothing to follow up and I’m more than confident there’s something very big and powerful to follow up.

We witnessed a very corrupt voting process take place. We witnessed a very corrupt justice department deny the very constitutional rights of the citizens in the face of video evidence and backed by data and thousands affidavits. Yet the person most affected fought to the very end exposing this injustice and quickly cut the rope and disappeared in a positive and happy exit. He left many feeling betrayed. He left many wondering what the heck happened. I was one of the latter. What the heck happened. How could this have been allowed to happen!? Instead of focusing on him not forcing his hand, which would have been a terrible judgement given the response from his opposition, I focused on the people and entities that allowed the fraud to follow through. I’ve heard people we thought we could rely on (including some media people) tuck their tails and succumb to the fraud and legitimize it. I’d name names but many still hold them in high regard even though they have never really done anything substantial because they like their careers as legislative bureaucrats. Their support for the man leading the movement gave them more influence and they can use this influence to maneuver themselves into a higher position of power in the bureaucracy. They’re posers. One is from Texas and is a demagogue and a pandering loser. He even ran for president. He’s a weak snake in the grass. But that’s all I’ll say about that person. The point is, what appears to have been the end of our hopes for a fair and legitimate government controlled by the people, we saw the colors of who we thought would deliver for us and did not. Something we would not have seen had he continued another four years.

So what’s going to happen?

Well, no one can project anything that isn’t speculation. Even an end of the world scenario leaves out many different events that can happen. This is where a background of information and my understanding of optics and a lot of faith in 45 and my faith that God will deliver us from evil, which keeps me calm and without worry.

I challenge this thought to you and just consider it honestly as you read. What would have happened had he acted as we were hoping? Trials, arrests, imprisonment, punishment, what would the response have been? There would have been a huge dividing of our country and even more hatred directed at him and those who support him. Revenge isn’t the goal nor is it his goal because he knows most people are good inside and want the best for everyone. You see, his revenge for us would cause a civil war. People are still brainwashed by social engineered ideologies that they have yet to question the legitimacy. If their leaders are never punished for anything, then the supposed crimes they committed never happened and its just a conspiracy theory and lacking context. Right?

What we saw for four years was someone who stood brightly in front of the enemy and drew their fire. Meanwhile, behind the scenes there were great things taking place. I won’t get into everything right now, but the tools the enemy used to force their power around the world were taken away. Their means of dark money were shut down. A wall was built to stop/detour networks from making money. While the media focused on a tweet or a statement and twisted and interpreted their own conspiracy theories, the see-eye-ay was defanged. Their ability to control and use special forces was taken away from them (Chris Miller). How will the desk jockeys play their devious games in the darkness when they have to go through another agency to have that ability?

So what is taking place now?

For at least two decades we have been under a social engineering program to slowly push us into the new world order. It began with the father of the joke cowboy but it was the joke cowboy that set into motion the end game. After him, there was a concentrated psyop on the world populace. They centralized their control with a dystopian government whose products tend to be junk and made by low paid “workers” and they gave this government a red carpet worldwide to infiltrate, corrupt and control other nations simultaneously draining their country’s resources and economies. These countries’ submission allowed them to operate as normally as they wanted to until the main opponent was overtaken (USA) in which case a switch was to be pulled via a hot world war and the countries would secede their supposed sovereignty over to the UN, controlled by the centralized government thus completing the new world order. And we would have willingly ushered this in by narratives supplied to us through the media, entertainment, academia and those we see as authority, who know better.

We have been left to believe the end is near. We are being told to give up and just suck it up. That we were wrong. That there’s nothing we can do. We are being told this by the corrupted and the weak knee’d. By those who bow to tyranny. Do not listen to them. Remember them. Write their name down. They are the ones who will try to get you to accept the tyranny and succumb to it. Do not reelect them under any circumstances when their term is up. Replace and refresh.

The past four years was our wake up call. Many heard that call and many ignored it. We learned how to find information and spread it around. We expected to see action during this time but it didn’t happen. We were anticipating the storm and thought many times the storm was coming. It was coming but we wouldn’t realize this until afterward. After the person we thought would bring the storm would leave his office. He set into motion what we are about to realize is the storm. What we are about to experience is a four year period of reverse social engineering PsyOps.

How will this happen? I’ll explain.

We all agree what we witnessed on the twentieth of January was the weirdest thing we’ve ever seen for that four year event. People even say they believe it was prerecorded and fake. I agree it was fake and whether it was prerecorded doesn’t matter. It felt, looked and was fake. They didn’t win. But we are being forced to believe he did and of course questioning it comes with a punishment. Over the coming four years, we are going to see the exposure of the enemy. All of it is a show. They think they’re in control but they are not. The military is in control but allowing these criminals to do what they intend to do and then having to deal with their public exposure of corruption is going to cause the greatest political avalanche in the history of the world. Much of it will be very entertaining given the actors playing the main roles and their stupidity, which will be exposed in the most embarrassing ways. It will become so embarrassing and shameful that even their staunchest supporters will be comparing their failures to all of 45’s successes. In the end, I believe everyone (excluding 10% who will never accept defeat) will demand 45, or his selection, return and set things back into motion. How do you reunite people? Give them a legitimate enemy to unite against. These criminals are so malignant that anything they touch will be rejected by the people. Even the ideologies. Although, we will have to live through a little pain with the destruction, the destruction must be allowed to happen at the hands of the criminals, in the open. Publicly observed.

It’s amazing what truth does to the minds of the masses when they are given it and realize on their own what the truth is. And it was all done while the man himself (45) was out of the sights of the media’s weapons. The media will attack their very own controllers and the people will shut down the media for lying all these years. It will feel so natural to the whole world and no one had to force a military coup or incite a civil war.

Speaking about the whole world, while we are going through our reverse social engineering, the rest of the world will also be going through their very own. All very naturally. Networks of the criminal elements will expose the ties and elements within their own countries and a worldwide house cleaning will be done nearly simultaneously. When all is said and done, the world will know it was 45 that set the whole thing up along with the military and patriots around the world.


There have been many actors and players that have contributed to this whole plan. Here’s where I will lose some of you but I have always reserved skepticism to the bandwagon of judgement. Actions speak louder than words and in one account, we were given orders to trust certain people regardless of their actions. Optics.

Wray. Trust Wray is what we were told. Later we were told Wray is a sleeper. As time went by we saw little to no activity with the organization he’s affiliated with. One thing he never did was to classify a certain alphabetical letter as a terrorist organization. He hasn’t done much else beyond that and then he was rebuked by one side and embraced on the other. Sleepers are good actors. They have to be and I believe he’s waiting until its time for him to awaken and shine. So far, so good. He’s in. Future proves past. We will see. He was chosen for a reason and he remains.

Barr. He was put in for a reason. He accomplished what he was supposed to do on two issues. He set up other things. Then he beat feet and to the shock of his supporters, turned coat. I believe we will see more of Barr and we will see that he laid some timed mines that will show themselves in the future. His latest actions and remarks were a means of covering his tracks and misleading the criminals. He too has been accused of no action. Stealth.

Sessions. Many still complain about him. Yet they don’t seem understand that what he did was shut down the main income of the enemy. He’s done more and that too will come to light over time.

Pence. I admit, the turn of events threw me off. I was quick to throw him away. I don’t trust the “politician” and the fake act. The pauses in the speaking and the pandering. But, the video of Chris Miller speaking so highly of him mentoring him did weigh on me and I trust Miller. He is a genuine guy in my opinion. I think Pence will blossom when the hail is raining down.

45, the best actor of them all spent four years setting the stage in coordination with the patriot generals and the like. He set up EO’s that became activated under certain actions the enemy took. These actions activated military interception/responses. Before he left the White House, he gave the ball to the military. The military is in full control. Legally. Constitutionally. The new, fake admin are being allowed to take the actions they want. They will be allowed under certain circumstances but those concerning national security will be met with obstruction and time delays and possibly infiltration into enemy transactions. Meanwhile legal investigations and preparations are being made. Remember, the military is in control. They control special ops. If Wray is how I’ve explained, he will work in tandem with the mil-int and provide the new admin with intel provided by the mil and that could be misinfo to get the admin to react a certain way.

I realize all of this is speculation and without any sourcing or references and this whole explanation is without merit. I’m not attempting to prove anything but merely throwing out what I think given what we are watching. None of it has any appearance of reality or normality and there is a reason for that. We are watching the congress doing things that have never been done before and the people leading this fraud are guilty of very serious things. Fang Fang…

If I’m to guess and speculate even further with a timeline, I would guess that this fake admin is getting a running start and will go above and beyond what they should not be doing. They will destroy the economy anger the people and pay off their masters. I’m guessing it will last about two years from start to finish and by Spring this year, things will begin getting tough for them. By the end of the year, it’s going to be going very badly for them. Either Spring this year or the year after, things are going to be bad for them. I believe the mentions of a certain bad character being arrested in November will take place on that date and if we’re lucky, it will happen this year but it may stretch out to next year or the year after. This four years will be a “self inflicted” exposure and no one will be looking back at who initiated it. Then on the following election, I believe the Military will be in full control of that and it will be paper ballots and people will have to have a voter ID card. No politics. Just accountability.

Lastly, I cannot imagine we are knowingly and willingly just going to hand over our country to an enemy determined to destroy life as we know it and built it. I don’t believe 45 would have looked as happy and confident as he did when he arrived in Maralago. He appeared as though everything was under control and seeing how things are fortified around the Capitol, I believe that feeling.

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