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I’m going to chime in because it’s on my heart and I just want to get it out. I’m not after agreements or conflicts with anyone. I have my views based on the information I’ve gathered and experienced but I’m not an expert.

I was not a political person until the world news media dropped all objectivity and went after President Trump pushing lies and false propaganda to form the opinions of millions across the planet and they’re still doing it.

Unfortunately, the media has yet to make as much of a noise to update the public about how it was all a fraud.

This goes far beyond just this story but bleeds over into a plethora of hit jobs on President Trump and they continue to create them to this day. Whether you like Trump or not, ask yourself what helped you form your opinion? Was it the media, or was it his policies, or just his personality? If it’s his personality, what informed you about this? This is the greatest obstacle I find in my personal life where the people around me are purely informed by their media outlets and not involved with the source or any free thought of their own. It’s like a school of fish where they all repeat the same information but scratch the surface and they know little to nothing else about it, yet they’ve formed their opinions.

This is where I differ. I grew up in the punk world. I was a surfer and a skateboarder. My whole ethos growing up was QUESTION AUTHORITY. GO AGAINST THE GRAIN! Swim upstream! Somewhere along the line, the population has lost this and now attack people like me questioning and rejecting the status quo while they defend it. It’s insane to me that people are now pushing for a war that will inevitably lead to a nuclear world war and leave them, their families, their friends dead if not in a world of misery all because they’re being led to protest things they have no understanding or history about. Again, they’re only informed on the surface issues and propaganda pushing them into a specific direction. Offering them a more informed aspect with more information is automatically rejected and assumed to be disinformation. My view is all information is valid and the lies will be exposed through hearing all angles. It is quite evident that people have been led to only listen to one side of any narrative and straying from this narrative is either conspiracy theory or disinformation. This mentality or acceptance of this way of thinking prevents the individual of free thought and most of all, of discovering the truth. This is very dangerous to society and it is freedom of speech and expression that prevents herd mentality from overwhelming the populace.

This brings me to censorship. Since 2018, censorship around the world has increased and has become an accepted practice. The censored are labeled, demonized and dismissed. The public repeats these labels when the person or topic is brought up. People have become completely detached from free thought and reality. Banks are now preventing people from getting their money because of something they’ve written on social media that was flagged as “hate speech” or politically incorrect. Most of these comments or the people being targeted haven’t done anything that can be considered as much but they aren’t carrying the water of the narratives they’re supposed to be carrying. They are to be demonized and ignored as to prevent others from thinking for themselves and questioning authority. This is, simply put, mind control. This is removing freedom of speech and expression. This is not what freedom is all about. This is what tyranny gets its strength from. Yet even as I write this, there are people ignorantly supporting this in society. They have no idea where that leads civilizations.

Current events. I will try to refrain writing specific words as this platform censors as well. However, I’m sure it won’t be too difficult to follow along.

The public is being herded into rooting for a team. As we are seeing throughout social media, the people have bitten. They’re blindly and irrationally demonizing and condemning events they know absolutely nothing about and are being allowed on social media to foment these irrational feelings against social media’s own terms of service.

This is not only sick, but scary that certain basic rules are dropped in order to herd the people into a frenzy of band wagoning and momentum to push them into support of a nuclear world war. Something I doubt 98% have any rational clue as to what that would do to the world and if they survived, what would be left for them in the aftermath. Again, it’s insanity. I do understand how no good person enjoys seeing innocent people being killed. I do not recall anything remotely close to this happening under the wars in the Middle East which destroyed families and was the cause of MILLIONS of deaths of adults and children. Yet this event has been propagandized, dramatized and sold to the public without any form of objectivity or history to inform the public as to why this might be happening. Instead a lot of information is purposely being omitted because it would actually justify or at the very least, rationalize what, why and how.

I have no skin in this game. I’m not for either side but I want the best outcome for both. This is a matter between two states and it’s the result of a decades long controversy and provocation which has been disrespectfully ignored and advanced. The media leaves these points out. Take in mind, I come to this issue as an objective observer and I listen to all sides.

Take these documentaries as a base for history. Of course, anyone can dig deeper into further history but these documentaries cover a lot and are being censored all over the world. The first was made in 2016, the second in 2019 and it’s been publicly available until just this week when YouTube, Facebook, NetFlix etc… removed or banned it. A normal thinking person would ask why? Why now? Was “disinformation” ok until this week? Most likely, it’s not disinformation but rather information that rationalizes and informs the public as to why, what and how. Something journalism today no longer strives to answer.

Assuming you’ve watched the videos above, does anything happening today make more sense? Feel free to research everything presented in those documentaries and draw your own conclusions.

There is also a lot of information the media has purposely omitted and covered up to keep the public ignorant to the reality of what has been going on. Again, being impartial on any side but looking for information and truth, one cannot exclude uncomfortable facts. Incorporating the untold to the told forms a much clearer vision.

To the eye of someone who hasn’t heard, seen or known about anything I’ve presented so far, there is much more to this story and being I’m not a schooled journalist, nor am I a geopolitical enthusiast I will undoubtedly leave out much to this deeply entangled and highly corrupt story. I will also refrain from pointing direct fingers at other countries which are involved this but I will state that the UN and EU countries are guilty in the corruption. EVERY SINGLE EU COUNTRY.

One thing that I’ve learned is the media and platforms like Wikipedia will label things automatically as “conspiracy theory” and make the claims that these theories are baseless and without evidence. I recommend you look and read anyway because most likely when they are going out of their way to delegitimize it, it’s true.

Keep in mind, the Wikipedia site still calls it a conspiracy theory.

At some point, people need to sit back and ask themselves a very honest question; is it ok to silence speech and demonize a whole group of people like what was done in the Second World War? That’s what is taking place today, right now, as I write this. Are you ok with shutting people’s lives off for something that doesn’t involve you? Are you ok with supporting Human Rights violations for political reasons? Because that’s what’s happening now.

Currently in a country which houses the entity NATO whose sole mission is to guard against the big bear to the east, this same country that gets most of its fuel from the big bear and doesn’t pay its NATO dues. Imagine how that would work for you if you had a company and never paid the employees but made someone else do it for you. Then have the nerve to expect the person paying your employees to defend you against the person you pay billions to every year. It’s amazing how corrupt everything is. Now picture this same country having a past of genocide returning to the very actions it partook in during the genocide. Again, the hypocrisy and corruption is amazing, yet the media is silent. “The greatest power the media has is the power to omit.”- Chris Plante

This is from a clinic refusing to treat anyone from the Big Bear to the east. The same country that provides energy and more to the country of the clinic. Will they begin marking businesses with a spray painted bear? Force people to wear a bear patch?

Or this? This same country did nothing like this to the genociders of the Second World War. Instead, they welcomed their business and stolen loot.

And here’s another breaking from doctrine and single handedly removing the country’s neutral status. Keep in mind, no one voted for this person. This person was installed under circumstances no one can really explain but they accept it anyway. Anyone who is interested in this person’s past won’t have to look far. This person comes from the hydra which is causing the distress around the world and leading the world into a financial collapse so they can bring about their new method which will control every single piece of currency and how it’s used, how much is acceptable to use and for what and who is allowed to use it. If you say the wrong thing, you’re cut off from society unable to buy anything. And don’t think you’ll get help from your friends as they too will be cut off if they assist you. Welcome to the world the uninformed are pushing the rest of us toward.

This is all acceptable behavior to the media and overwhelmingly, the public. What did the normal people do to deserve to be punished? Why are they being targeted? This whole push to create a regime change to the bear to the east, the purposeful misleading and malfeasance of the media to lead society into political and dangerous directions is evil. The worst part about them popularizing racism is that they will not hurt the bear. The bear has everything it needs to survive on its own. It has a treasure trove of natural resources and hard working people.

You’ve heard the statement “journalism is dead”. That is true to a point. But there are many of us who are not as skilled but bring you the information we find and share it with you. I do not use this platform for this. I have other means to get information out to people. However, I felt compelled to mention this on here since I haven’t posted anything in a year.

Hold your breath. We have only begun. Next crisis will be the microchip capitol of the world. What you hear vs what you don’t hear are night and day. There is much more I didn’t mention about this topic that has or is taken/taking place but it will soon be over. Similar discoveries which the media has been dismissing will be found at the microchip capitol of the world. The evil people who are orchestrating have just realized they do not control the countries they thought they controlled. They still have enormous power via social and normal media as well as deeply dug in operators in every government worldwide. However, they are not in control and are being allowed to come out of the shadows to reveal themselves as they struggle to maintain a control they no longer have. It’s a dangerous game that we normal folks suffer most from, but it’s a necessary game because people’s realities are so locked in to lies and smoking mirrors. Everyone must wake up at their own speed and time for the sanity of the world.

Take this for what you will but the part the bad people didn’t think would happen is they pushed the bear together with the other bear. Winnie. Between the bear and Winnie, the bad people have nothing. They thought they controlled Winnie, but recently discovered that’s not the case.

Hold your finger here for a second and you’ll enter “reader” mode. This removes click bait and pop ups on all websites you visit. For some reason this archived story has a dark filter in normal mode. Reader is good though.

So they’re banking on the eagle but the eagle is no longer constrained to their pull. The eagle has its talons tied and is under the control of the greatest military on earth. This was done on January 14th, 2021. The eagle can still act but it’s communicated with the bears who are apart of the plan to destroy and allow the bad ones destroy themselves. Once the eagle’s nest has been fumigated, Europe will follow and then the hexagram. The evil is everywhere. In the end, the good guys win. In the end, the people will again have control over their lives. In the end, the suffering and destruction we’ve seen throughout our lives will come to an end and prosperity will flourish for all. Stay strong and calm through these rough times. We are all in it together.

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