The first time I saw the northern lights was in Kodiak, Alaska where I was stationed while in the US Coast Guard. They weren’t very powerful so I wasn’t quite sure if I was actually seeing them. I now know that I did, but nothing to the extent in which I see them today.

I moved to Sweden to give love a chance after having met my ‘would be’ wife some years earlier in Singapore. Luckily for me, she lived closer to the Arctic circle than I did in Kodiak and it was here that I became amazed, infatuated and fell in love both with my wife and the aurora borealis.

Over the years I’ve tried to learn all I can about the aurora as well as the sun which produces them. I wanted so badly to show my friends back in the states what I was experiencing so I taught myself how to photograph them. Learning is continuous whether it be about the sun, the aurora or photography. The saying that “you’re your worst critic” definitely applies to me as I constantly try to better my last photo and question what I think I know and find knowledge in what I don’t know. Hopefully people everywhere will appreciate my gallery with the events that many might never experience.