Aurora and Night Shots

This was the best of the pictures I took on the night of March 28, 2019. I let the lighting ride and pulled down some color saturation. 
50mm lens view of the aurora on March 28th, 2019. This lens is a cheap lens but its good. The only problem is the center rings that appear when you shoot with it. Works much better on day shots. In this photo, Andromeda makes an appearance (center left up). 
Aurora from March 28th, 2019. Brightness pulled down. 
The Milky Way with a couple of satellites, the Andromeda Galaxy in between them and some upper glow from the aurora. I took this picture in September of 2018. Caused by a coronal hole on the sun.
This photo was also taken the same night as the photo above in September of 2018.
Northern Lights in October. One of my greatest irritations is traffic, airplanes and satellites and lights when shooting the aurora. For some reason though, this picture has a lot going on and I actually like it. The plane lights are from an emergency helicopter. The traffic lights on the opposing shore is from logging trucks. Nearly mid frame oversees the Big Dipper and Venus rising mid left with a blurry reflections.

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