Culture, Life & Sports

My oldest watching the fire
My youngest and her friend posing in front of the fire
The Bride and Groom newly married with that new car smell.
“Kolbulle” aka The Forest Pancake. Flour, Water and Pork Side (or bacon).
Ice skating on a cold sunny day.
Bride and Groom still single when this was taken.
The man behind the lens. My daughter was blowing bubbles and I got a clear shot.
An old rollercoaster. The spinning swing.
The way “they” got around before the automobile. Living up the old traditions.
The old steam engine conductor.
Keeping the antiques active.
Out on a tractor ride with their cousin.
Cousins on a tractor.
Everyone had a roll on the old tractor.
That smell of diesel exhaust is an aphrodisiac….for some.
Drifting on the sled.
Banking on the SeaDoo.
Taking a ride in the old work horse.
Practice makes perfect.
Skateboarding rules!
Practicing balance and turning.
Midsummer crown of wildflowers.
Midsummer crown of wildflowers.
Some good looking dairy cows with the best roaming field/forest I’ve ever seen. Good living.
A friend of mine’s hotrod.
A cozy garden with a statue wishing to be outside.

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