Winter Scenes

Tweak air by the nephew.
Hip Twist
Boot Grab
My Daughter even hit the jump!
And her landing was perfect
I don’t know the ski moves but it’s almost a Method. 
The view from Who Valley.
Encrusted snow on an evergreen.
A cold view.
I don’t know what this range is but the one to the right looks like a viking laying down.
An old barn with a great view.
Coming over the hill reveals a playground.
Deep snow turn on the sled.
A lonely cabin among the trees.
Thick fog reveals a nice sight.
Old military building hidden in the trees.
The sun peaks out from the snow clouds.
The blanket being laid.
A homestead in the snow.
I just like this one.
On a walk to a steep slope.
Peekaboo! A moose thinking it is totally camouflaged.
Sunset on a cold day.
A frosty creek.
The moon transits through the tree tops.
Snow people.
The road to work.
Soakin in the sun.
Just an old advertisement.
Another advertisement.
The cold forest with sleeping bears.
These trees have the best seats.
Sun at high noon.
I live over there.
Whooper swan family.
A woman walking her dog.
Snow encrusted road.
It’s a nice forest.
A cabin I wished I owned.
Getting home at dusk.
The house on the headland.
Crescent moon barely visible but the trail to the cabin is clear to see.
Slow shutter shot.
The end of winter.
Cold lake, warm air.
Kite Skier on the tundra.
Morning sunrise.
Which way to go!?
Concentration while skating up hill.
Sisters travel together.
Heading over to explore the teepee.
Almost there.
A very bright day as the sun reflects it’s radiation.
Solar halo.
The view of the mountains.
Fun on the sled.
Frozen river.
The thing about winter is the lack of sun. This day was very appreciated.
Entering into the sunshine.
The water below is warmer than the air above. The surface evaporates into a frozen fog.
Lots of snow means digging a fort. Work being done at this moment in time.
“We might have dug down a little too deep.”
Only six feet under.
Even the taller one looks short.
“You want my gun? Come and take it!”
Hoar frosted tree.
Another tree covered in hoar frost.
Snow Bun.
Snow bun with a view.
Great view from up here.
The sun is always a welcome gift.
Epic view.
Comin’ down a mountain!
Sliding over the table.
Table slide.
Forests and mountains.
Bun with a view.
Sisters at the starting gate.
Arctic visions.
Winter road.
Rail slide.
The town on the lake.
Farmland, church and the mountains.
The sled in the sun.

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